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Health and Home ltd is a family run business set up in 2001 to provide 24 hour care and accommodation for a widely under-resourced group of people in the Southend and Westcliff area, with specialist needs – namely those suffering from advanced dementia and complex mental health problems.


We have four residential homes within our group: Alexander House, Barling Lodge, Ravensmere Rest Home and Ravensmere Annex, all catering for people with:


 Advanced Dementia

Behaviour problems

Aggressiveness (physical or otherwise)




Other psychological and behaviour and problems


We recognise that this is a very demanding and often neglected part of our community. By virtue of their needs it can be problematic to mainstream Service Providers who often are unable to cope, as it requires specialist knowledge, expertise and above all culture to be able to meet the needs of these particular clients. Many of our service users have been excluded from mainstream homes, or other so called specialist homes, because of the behaviour presented as a result of their condition.


At Health and Home ltd, we pride ourselves on having established the knowledge and expertise necessary to take on cases where others have failed, thus reducing unnecessary and costly admissions to hospital. We are proud to be in a position to serve these people, thus offering them a quality of life, specifically to their needs.



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