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We recognise that the Service Users in our client group have long lost the interest in being involved in an active social life. Their mental state, cognition and mobility further restricts and limits their abilities, desires and willingness to engage in hobbies, or practice old social or cultural interests.


Despite these changes, at our homes we strive to give our Service Users a quality of life involving physical and mental stimulation.


The centre of our approach is:


Family involvement

Interaction with staff and other Service Users

Mental stimulation


Each of our Service Users is different and we strive to uncover his or her hidden stimulants and offer them what is possible so they can enjoy a  quality of life appropriate to their physical and mental condition. We therefore go out of our way to give individual attention to each of our service users.


We recognise that they are not able to get involved in regimented or structured activities. Each one of them has different understanding of the world and special expectations.


A fundamental aspect of this is for our Service Users to feel comfortable within the environment they live. More particularly though they need individual attention from people they can relate to on an ongoing basis. Our staff get to know the Service Users intimately and go out of their way in developing a special and individual relationship.


We encourage the families to regularly visit their relatives and where possible participate in any activities available.

Mental stimulation is at the heart of delivering care. Each Service User is treated in the way he likes or responds to.


Activities are essential in mental and physical stimulation. We regularly arrange for professionals to offer group entertainment and stimulation. We also treat the visits of anybody such as chiropodist, hairdresser, district nurse, etc as an occasion to achieve stimulation and interaction. The heart of it, however is the interaction with staff who are trained to effortlessly individually interact and communicate with each Service User in their own terms, in their own reality and in their own world and territory. At our homes we do not confront or challenge the logic or behaviour of our Service Users. We work along side their own world, beliefs and expectations.