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Mental stimulation is at the heart of our delivery of care.

Each of our Service Users has special psychological needs and behaviour problems, more than any other group. We seek to identify these needs on an individual basis and strive to promote constant interaction.


Our staff are responsive to the needs and requirements of each service user. We go out of our way, through patience, communication and observation to establish what makes each one of them respond and be stimulated.


At our homes we put a lot of emphasis in encouraging our Service Users to interact with staff and other Service Users. In such interaction we do not expect to achieve a logical two way intelligent communication and we accept our Service users’ psychological limitations. The important part is for the Service Users to feel that they are interacting and communicating, in a way that makes them happy, relaxed and fulfilled. If in the process a logical two way communication arises, we treat it as a bonus.


What is important is to allow our service users to interact and communicate in their own way, their own reality and allow them to apply their own logic and be free to express their own beliefs in their own individual way