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Our philosophy of care is person centred. Each of our service users is treated as special and his needs, whether physical or psychological, are carefully assessed.


A comprehensive Care Plan is prepared by the home in consultation with the Service User (if practicable) or his representative detailing how his needs are to be best met. This plan is reviewed periodically as required but in any event every 30 days. The Service User is consulted unless this is not practicable due to lack of mental capacity. In these cases the views of his or her representatives are sought and respected.



The Management and staff have a clear understanding and commitment to follow the broad values of life such as:


Privacy Dignity

Independence Choice

Rights Fulfilment

Respect Confidentiality


The parameters of what is considered acceptable and good practice is very much dependant on the individual Service User. People with psychological and emotional problems, more often than not, have different, individual and special values and principles. In many cases they have no regard, respect and ignore the importance of such values. They are entrenched in their own world and each one of them has his own perception of values.


In terms of importance and priorities their beliefs are normally different to what is considered normal in an average setting.


Despite the difficulties and complications we strive to offer a quality of life within the principles of these broad values of life.


We aim to achieve a balance between our Service User’s beliefs, what they want, what they need, what is expected from us and what is realistically achievable. Unlike other settings where a more formal and structured form of care (within the framework of person centred approach) can be given, due to the complex psychological needs of our Service Users we have to tailor make and individualise their care to a different level.


Our duty of care is to the individual Service User and delivery of care is based on his or her needs, desires, likes and dislikes.


Because of these special needs of our Service Users, particularly psychological and behaviour, we need to apply a much higher level of sophistication, thoroughness and flexibility in delivering care within the ever increasing standards and regulations we are expected to follow.

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